F.A.Q About Periodontal Disease

What is periodontal disease?
Periodontal disease refers to a group of pathologic conditions that affect the gums, teeth and bone. Caused by bacteria,
the infection begins as gingivitis that causes bleeding, swelling and redness of the gums. The infection may progress
to periodontitis, a chronic infection in the pockets around the teeth.  The resulting inflammation, which may be painless,
can damage the attachment of the gums and bone to the teeth.  At this stage, treatment by a periodontist is needed. 
Left untreated, teeth may eventually become loose, fall out or require removal.

Why should I have periodontal treatment?
Treatment of periodontal disease not only stops the infection but also addresses the bone loss that occurs with the disease process. This improves the health within the mouth and allows for healthy reconstruction of the teeth.
There is also a correlation between periodontal disease and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol,
low birth weight babies and premature babies, to name a few. Treatment of the periodontal infection, therefore,
may improve the overall systemic health as well.

Does periodontal treatment hurt?
During periodontal treatment local anesthesia is used so there should be no pain. Post-treatment pain is controlled
with both over the counter and prescription medicines. Most people are able to go back to work and resume their
normal activities the next day

Preventing Gum Disease
The best way to prevent gum disease is effective daily brushing and flossing as well as regular professional
examinations and cleanings. Unfortunately, even with the most diligent home dental care, people still can develop
some form of periodontal disease. Once this disease starts, professional intervention is necessary to prevent its

Other Important Factors Affecting the Health of Your Gums
• Smoking
• Diabetes
• Stress
• Clenching and grinding teeth
• Medication
• Poor nutrition
• Pregnancy and puberty

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